The office Natalia Homyak DDS and Associates, a well-known Marina Del Rey cosmetic dental office, offers the best services to our patients. Our dental office uses the CEREC dental system to give you same-day dentistry.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an in-office piece of dental equipment that involves a digital infrared camera. It also includes 3D CAD software that helps design a restoration plan. In addition, the equipment uses CAM technology that can give high-speed burs to mill the restoration.

CEREC Dental System

This dental system utilizes laser scanning technology to capture an optical impression of any tooth restoration. Because it uses a laser, there is no need for reflective powder. The system employs 3D CAD software to design the restoration and CAM technology to mill the restoration.

When to Use These Pieces of Dental Equipment

We use a laser scanner or optical scanner to take a digital impression of your tooth. The process requires identifying the right color, size, and biting surface for the restoration. Then the design is sent to the milling unit, which fabricates the restoration within about 40 minutes.

CEREC can make it happen. You will receive your dental restoration in half a day or on the same day as your tooth has been prepared.

Benefits of CEREC

With this type of dentistry, multiple dental visits are not necessary. Therefore, the equipment saves time for the pateint It can identify, create, and cement the restoration on the same day, when necessary.

Furthermore, you will receive a local anesthetic, which will provide comfort while reducing side effects.

Another advantage is the accuracy of the dental impression. Dr. Homyak utilizes computer-assisted design for CEREC ceramic restoration. Because the digital impression is accurate, the restoration result will be, too.

Furthermore, the milling is precise, as it uses software that creates an accurate 3D model from 3D images.

There is a high success rate. CEREC ceramic crowns can last for longer than a decade—much longer than other crowns and inlays.

The Cost of CEREC

All restorative options can be expensive. Restorations using CEREC might seem to cost more. However, all expenses incurred are offset by the fact that you won’t need to pay an additional fee for another visit.

The cost of same-day dentistry will still depend on the extent of your treatment and your dental insurance.

Using CEREC can shorten the treatment time of your dental restorations. Plus, the restoration result is accurate and long-lasting.

If you wish to undergo CEREC ceramic restoration, schedule an appointment today at 310-823-6400.

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